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This post dedicated to sharing opinions on the options of: 6 of 7, 5 of 7, 5 of 6, or block. Have something to add to the conversation? Send to: An argument for teachers returning to teaching 5 classes: In the discussion regarding secondary scheduling and teaching 6 out of 7 something that I haven't seen mentioned yet anywhere is the issue of clubs/coaching, etc. Since we moved to 6 out of 7, the number of teachers willing or able to take on extra duties such as yearbook, planning field trips, coaching, clubs, etc. has dropped. At several middle schools, many of these activities are now being organized or run by non classroom teachers (media specialists, counselo

Secondary Scheduling Discussion

Should the union take a stand on Secondary Planning Time? And yes, this involves Elementary School teachers as well. Where we are: Secondary teachers used to teach 5 out of 7 classes a day. Before that, they taught 5 of 6 classes a day. In 2013-2014, secondary teachers began 6 of 7. This was after the half penny failed the first time on the ballot. The district needed to cut about $31 million; $11 million was cut by losing 200 secondary jobs. There have been various courses of action our members have suggested. Each participant in this discussion must realize: Each plan has pros and cons. This will be a difficult decision. One person’s clear choice may not be another person’s. Each solut

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