Tentative Agreements for the 2020-21 Contract

To view the tentative agreements copy and paste this link https://561fbc4c-d0a3-413b-a388-efcc1edf26d6.filesusr.com/ugd/0d6c24_c4953dfd6c5444d8b8a0f4f246942c56.pdf Dear Members, Tonight, we reached a deal at the table. Frankly with Governor DeSantis’ unbalanced pay plan that sent peanuts for non-classroom teachers and veteran teachers, as well as potential cuts to education due to COVID-19 on the horizon, we believe that bargaining team has done our statutory duty to secure the best deal that could be provided by BPS. The next step is in your hands as you will have the opportunity to vote on the contract next week. Although the state funding did not provide for it, we are pleased that BPS

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