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Tentative Agreements for the 2020-21 Contract

Dear Members,

Tonight, we reached a deal at the table. Frankly with Governor DeSantis’ unbalanced pay plan that sent peanuts for non-classroom teachers and veteran teachers, as well as potential cuts to education due to COVID-19 on the horizon, we believe that bargaining team has done our statutory duty to secure the best deal that could be provided by BPS. The next step is in your hands as you will have the opportunity to vote on the contract next week. Although the state funding did not provide for it, we are pleased that BPS did bring more to the table for veteran educators tonight while also committing a substantial amount of money for health insurance.

On the plus side of the agreement:

-Secured a minimum pay of $46,550 for ALL members of the bargaining unit. The district originally tried to exclude non-classroom teachers from that minimum.

-Fought to become the first district in the state to offer parental leave of 5 days of paid leave for new moms and dads. We plan on expanding this leave in future contracts.

-Put Annual Contract Teachers on equal footing with Professional Service Contract teachers when it comes to Summer Employment Due to bad legislation, AC teachers cannot earn PSCs; we now have ACs with more than a decade of service in BPS

-Revised the JROTC section of the contract, so it mirrors the current position.

-Changed Open Transfer Period start date to allow it to begin in February rather than in April.

-Improved Mentor Teacher supplements to $165 for mentoring one teacher, $300 for two or more teachers, and $300 if you are the Lead Mentor.

-Added Marching Band Supplement of $1023 for lane 1, and $1125 for lane 2

-Added Partners in Education Supplement of $300

-Ensured that Annual Contract teachers on leave will be offered an employment binder for the following year prior to anyone outside of the district receiving one.

-Agreed that 32 hours of comp time can be used this year and 32 hours can be carried over for next year

-Decreased proposed monthly premium increases on the Gold Plan (From $140 to $90 for Family; From $110.97 to $80 for Employee and Spouse; From $69.57 to $50 for Employee and Children)

-Provided a no increase option for Health Insurance (Silver Plan)

-Secured a BPS commitment to a $5 million one-time infusion to the Health Insurance Trust Fund and another $4.7 million recurring yearly infusion.

On the negative side:

- The raise for experienced educators who make over the new minimum of $46,550 will only be $850.

-As the Silver Health Insurance Plan has limited doctors, some of you will see a premium increase if you remain on the Gold Health Insurance Plan.

All of the Tentative Agreements, including the list of doctors on the silver plan, can be found here

It is our goal to vote on the contract next week. You will vote electronically; a ballot will be mailed to your school address. Please take the time to review the changes to the contract before you vote. The district is working on a timeframe for when the raises will take effect.

Thank you for your ongoing support! We will continue to stand together to fight to improve our profession.

In solidarity,

Anthony Colucci, President

Vanessa Skipper, Vice President

Jonathan Hilliard, Second Vice President

Kyle Savage, Treasurer


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