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General Membership Meeting (Nomination of Officers/Delagates) February 22,2021

The date of our next General Membership Meeting was changed to Monday, February 22nd at 6:30 p.m. The is will be a virtual meeting. Register in advance for this meeting:

This meeting is when nominations of delegates and officers begin. Candidates can also qualify by completing a petition that is due to BFT by March 8th (Petitions will be posted on the website after the meeting).

The positions that are on the ballot this year are:

Vice President/FEA Governance Board Member (3-year term/release position)

Two South Area Directors (2-year term)

Two Central Area Directors (2-year term)

Two North Area Directors (2-year term)

Secretary (2-year term)

Political Coordinator (2-year term)

Outreach Director (2-year term)

Treasurer (3-year term/release position)

Chief Delegate to Space Coast AFL-CIO Labor Council (2-year term)

Delegate to Florida Education Association Delegate Assembly (October 14th-16th)

Delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly (Virtual event July 2nd-3rd)

To qualify as a release officer or executive board member our bylaws state:

Section 3: In order to hold office, a member must be in good standing for at least one year prior to the election. Beginning with the spring 2018 election: To qualify as a candidate, a member must have attended at least 2 general membership meetings within the calendar year before the election and two Executive Board meetings. To qualify as a paid, full- time release officer, a candidate must have also attended at least 4 Executive Board meetings and 4 general membership meetings within a calendar year or have served on the Executive Board within the past 6 years. Serving as a delegate and fulfilling all your responsibilities to the NEA Representative Assembly, AFT Convention, or FEA Delegate Assembly within a calendar can replace attendance at one 1 General Membership Meeting for the purpose of qualifying to hold office; serving as a delegate for multiple conventions cannot be used to replace more than 1 General Membership meeting.

To qualify as a delegate our bylaws state:

Section 2: In order to be a convention delegate a member must be in good standing.

If you’re interested in getting more involved, the FEA Delegate Assembly is a great place to start!


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