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BFT Election Results for Officers and Delegates

The Brevard Federation of Teachers held their 2021 nominations by Zoom at 6:30 pm on Monday, February 22, 2021. Candidates could also be nominated via peition by March 8, 2021. The Brevard Federation of Teachers-Retired Chapter President, Joan Taddie, served as the Chair for these elections. The nomination process resulted in none of the available positions being contested, so all who were nominated are declared the winners by acclamation. The following BFT members will serve in the listed positions: VICE PRESIDENT: Vanessa Skipper TREASURER: Kyle Savage SOUTH AREA DIRECTORS: Michael Broud and Hope Chybion CENTRAL AREA DIRECTORS: Kevin Howkins and Kelsey Waterbury NORTH AREA DIRECTOR: Caitie Walters SECRETARY: Tracie Stiles POLITICAL COORDINATOR: Michelle McCormack OUTREACH DIRECTOR: Tamara Carroll CHIEF DELEGATE TO THE SPACE COAST CLC: Jackie Small FEA DELEGATE ASSEMBLY: Jana Burton, Elizabeth Chaille, Hope Chybion, Jonathan Hilliard, Kevin Howkins, Tehani Kisor, Stephanie Mathews, Michelle McCormack, Holly Newman, Kyle Savage, Jackie Small, Traci Stiles, John Taylor, Caitie Walters NEA REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY: Elizabeth Chaille, Hope Chybion, Michelle McCormack, Holly Newman, Vanessa Skipper, Jackie Small NEA STATE DELEGATES (Anthony Colucci and Joan Taddie randomly picked 2 members of the NEA Representative Assembly, who were contacted and agreed to accept this addition position.): Michelle McCormack and Jackie Small Congratulations and much thanks to the above BFT members for their service to their Union! Joan Taddie President, Brevard Federation of Teachers-Retired Chapter Chair of the Brevard Federation of Teachers 2021 Elections Committee Add to Your Post Post


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