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Bargaining Update 11-8-21

Dear Members,

We continued negotiations tonight surrounding money. The district countered our offer from last week of a raise of $1,780 for HE Annual Contract and $1,335 for HE Professional Service Contract (Per state statute the PSC raise can only be 75% of AC), a $1,000 bonus for all, and increase of $300 to the longevity supplement. The BPS initial counter offer was a $1,000 bonus for all and a salary increase of $250 for those under the minimum salary and $45 for those over the minimum amount. The salary "increase" is from funds sent directly from the state for this purpose with no wiggle room to use other than in a prescribed manner.

Of course, BFT did not agree to this. However, as BFT knew BPS would not budge from its belief that it did not have recurring dollars; we countered their offer with a bonus of $3,780 for all. BPS countered that with a $1,500 bonus and BFT responded with $3,000. The district did not respond to that. Next Monday, we agreed to come back to the table and try to reach an agreement.

We are very frustrated that in a such a trying year for you all, with so many teachers walking away from the profession, that our union is once again fighting tooth and nail to get some decent money in your pockets. We will keep fighting for you!

We did agree on a few other items that can be found here

In solidarity,

Anthony Colucci, President


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