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Dear Members,

Our team went into negotiations determined to bargain an agreement to which we would be able to look each one of you in the eyes and tell you that we fought for every reasonable protection as we return to school during the pandemic. We are pleased to tell you that we’ve reached that point. We don’t think it can be any clearer that this union not only made you safer but also made our students, staff members, and our community safer. While we fully realize this year is still going to be an enormous challenge with many new ways of working, our MOA will create a strong foundation from which to work. The MOA can be found here

Note the MOA will be renegotiated in December.

Some of the items your union secured:

An extra 5 days of paid leave time (after the 10 days of FFCRA is used)

Unlimited comp time carry over from last year

Ability to use up to 5 days of comp time if you have COVID

Ability to use 2 days of comp time in lieu of sick without 2 days-notice for non COVID related illness

Ability to work outside of BPS if a 1-year leave of absence is granted

Adequate cleaning supplies

Masks provided on a daily basis

KN95 masks for you when masks are not mandatory for students

KN95 masks for high-risk employees

Plexiglass barriers

Ability to take temperatures of your students

Ability to request a change of supervisory duty for high-risk individuals

Virtual links for staff meetings and professional development

Elimination of evaluation criteria that would be difficult/impossible

Ability to use live video if schools are closed

Preference for the hiring of high-risk individuals for virtual positions

Training on virtual platforms and laws pertaining to virtual instruction

Student start date moved to August 24th

Please note that you will have the opportunity to vote on this MOA. We are hoping to do so electronically during the first week of school, but we must request special permission from the Public Employee Relations Commission in order to vote electronically. Per our bylaws, our Executive Board will make a recommendation for how you should vote next week.

When we fight, we win!

In solidarity,

Anthony Colucci, President

Vanessa Skipper, Vice President

Jonathan Hilliard, Second Vice President

Kyle Savage, Treasurer

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