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Coronavirus FAQ

*Please check back regularly for updated questions and answers.

Copy and paste the link that follows for a DOE Q and A.

Q: Are CSAP receipts still due April 3rd?

A: Yes. Remember, your classroom will be open for you on Monday, March 23. However, teachers that don’t have ways to “scan” and email receipts may take pictures with their phones, bring them to school, mail them to the school, etc. Teachers can always call their bookkeeper with questions that may arise.

Q: I need to grab stuff from my classroom to get my grades done on Monday, March 23. Am I allowed to be on campus?

A: Yes, you can go to your classroom on Monday, March 23 to get what you need to ensure your grades are complete.

Q. Do we continue hospital/homebound instruction?

A: There will be no instruction during the week of March 23 as there is no instruction anywhere in BPS. When BPS moves to online instruction, hospital/homebound will also move online. If that is not possible with certain students, BPS will provide compensatory services when it’s feasible to do so.

Q: Will we continue to be paid?

A: At this time, we have every reason to believe that instructional personnel will continue to be paid.

Q: Are grades still due?

A: Yes. That is why you have a workday on March 23. Please make sure your grades are complete. If you took comp time or a personal day that day, please ensure you still do your grades. We will work on getting that time back for you once we return.

Q: Will we be able to help hand out food to students?

A: At this time, the answer is no. There are strict guidelines on food banks and distribution areas and we have to follow what the Department of Health tells us. If this changes, we will let you know.

Q: Will we be required to provide online instruction?

A: Online instruction will begin Monday, March 30. We will not be providing online instruction for the week of 03/23-03/27.

Q: What about FSA and EOC state testing? A: Governor DeSantis just announced that testing is cancelled, school grades would not be calculated, and parents have the option of holding their child back if they want. There was no mention about teachers and VAM scores.

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