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Tallahassee Rally Info

The Take on Tallahassee Rally is Monday, January 13th! We are rallying because Florida’s kids deserve:

-Experienced, qualified teachers in every classroom

-Class sizes small enough for one-on-one attention

-Support, tools and time to learn.

-Safe schools and inviting classrooms.

-Well rounded curriculum that includes art, music and PE

There are over activists from Brevard signed up to attend.

There are 7 buses leaving from Brevard. Contact or if you don't know what bus you're on.

The buses leave all locations at 6:30 am. Snacks, water, and lunch will be provided on the bus ride. We will arrive around 12:00 pm at the Civic Center. There will be some refreshments and pre-rally speeches until 1:00. At 1:30 we line up to march to the Old Capitol where we will rally and listen to several speakers (Trolleys will shuttle between the Civic Center and the Capitol for those needing assistance). At 4:00 we walk back to the buses where a boxed dinner will be waiting for us. We then hit the road back to Brevard and anticipate arriving back around 10:30 pm. For more info about the rally cut and paste this link

The weather forecast is looking good but please watch the forecast for changes, so you may plan accordingly. Wear a RED Shirt!

The pickup and drop off location are:

341 Emerson Drive – Palm Bay 5110 W. Eau Gallie Blvd – Melbourne 2929 Cheney Hwy - Titusville Mitch Ellington Park - 575 Hall Rd, Merritt Island Viera Community Center - 2300 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Here are some other tips from FEA about attending large rallies:

Before you leave home

Check the weather and prepare for it. Dress in layers.

Your outer layer should be wind and/or water resistant.

Wear comfortable shoes and socks. You will be on your feet for hours, mostly standing outside in the elements.

Even in above-freezing temperatures, the wind can reduce your body temperature. If you are prone

to getting chilled, consider buying pocket handwarmers from a local camping store. They can also be

ordered in bulk online.

Get plenty of sleep in the days before.

Eat healthy foods in the days before. You will need to fill your energy tank.

Drink plenty of liquids to hydrate yourself. Dehydration will make you feel colder.

Reduce your consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. They’re dehydrating.

Talk with others about your hopes, expectations, and concerns for the day.

Let the people in your group know if you have any anxiety or difficulty with large crowds. If so, try

and stay on the outer edge of the rally.

Prepare a small bag to carry with you. You won’t want to carry a large bag all day.

Print his handout and an extra for a friend.

What to bring

Water and snacks. You may not have access to places to buy food the moment you need something.

Trail mix, energy bars, dried fruit, peanut butter sandwiches are nice and compact.

Any prescription medications in a bottle with the prescription label.

A small disposable poncho, and Band-aids for blisters, just in case.

No umbrellas. They are a risk to people’s eyes in large crowds.

Phone numbers: your bus captain, anyone in your group with any medical training, everyone in your

small group that you hope to meet up with at the end.

Have a post-rally meeting place in case you get separated.

Download or print a map. Cell service may be reduced by crowd numbers.

Spare contacts or glasses.

Cash and ID; not your entire wallet.

A Buddy- there should be one other person that you commit to staying together with all day.

Your enthusiasm!

After the event

Talk with others about your experience.

Even if you don't feel stressed, try to take it easy for a few days. Your mind and body have been

through an intense experience and may need time to recover.

IF you have a negative experience, don't try and cope on your own; get professional help.

Eat well and get plenty of rest.

Enjoy the day!

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