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Work to the Contract

As other districts are receiving raises of hundreds of dollars more than our School Board and Superintendent are proposing for the 2nd year in a row, we must be bold and stand up for our students and profession. We know that change doesn’t come by being nice or working harder but rather by direct action. We are fighting to make sure that BPS will be a place that can retain and attract teachers, which is something that BPS should be prioritizing during a time of a teacher shortage! We’ve seen the difficulties already caused by the 30 or so instructional positions BPS can’t fill—overcrowded classrooms and students being taught by subs. Simply put, Work to the Contract means we will not do any work outside the school day (Before /After School Activities that are required by contract or receive a supplement would continue). There will be a massive public relations push that explains why we are doing this. Work to the Contract is one of the most severe campaigns we can engage in, but we can’t continue to let this school board and superintendent make poor decisions for OUR district. For a ton of resources about work to the contract click the "Teacher" tab.

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