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Taking Care of Teachers

Over the next few weeks, you will listen to presentations at your school that describe how the United Way is working with a host of organizations in order to try to take care of the needs of people in our community. As you reflect on those presentations, I ask that you remember that the Brevard Federation of Teachers is the organization that is taking care of you. We are a group of teachers taking care of each other. When it comes time bargain the contract, we work to take care of you. When members are pulled into disciplinary meetings and police and DCF investigations, we are there to take care of you. When Tallahassee and Washington DC propose outrageous laws, our people are there to take care of you. When an administrator is not treating you fairly, we are the only organization that is there to take care of you.

Thank you members for contributing to this endeavor. If you are a not a member, I ask that you consider joining our organization and be a part of the group of teachers that is taking care of teachers.


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