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Brevard County -- compared to our neighbors

This is tricky, I know. When we talk about salary, we are rightfully angry. The legislature created a fiscal crisis over a decade ago and we are still digging ourselves out. Veteran teachers are several thousands behind where they should be on annual salary. So, there's little that can be discussed with salary that could come across as good news. Yet, it is worth checking out to see how we are doing in Brevard, compared to other counties. After all, we have all been through the same state (and national) recession. We are all screwed by the same legislature. How has Brevard done? Has growing BFT and members sticking with us made a difference? Are the rumors true that we are the worst in the state?

Consider the following 2 charts and judge for yourself. The first chart is from last year, after we had the best contract settlement in the state. The second chart is from 5 years ago, when Richard Smith began his presidency.

From the year just finished, 2015-2016, the state average was $48,179.

Brevard County was $815 below the average. The chart shows Brevard compared to its neighbors.

County Average Salary State rank (out of 67)

Brevard $47,364 16

Seminole $47,252 17

Orange $47,067 20

Indian River $46,898 23

Osceola $46,103 26

Volusia $44,506 46

Yes, I was surprised too to see that our average was the highest of our neighbors. We certainly have work to do. But we’re not going to spread word that we’re the worst.

In 2010-2011, the state average was $45,732.

Brevard County was $1,121 below the average. See the chart below. Compare to above to see if we have made progress.

County Average Salary State rank (out of 67)

Seminole $47,985 8

Indian River $45,796 18

Osceola $45,574 22

Orange $44,695 26

Brevard $44,611 27

Volusia $44,234 30

What’s the mean to me? Our state ranking is increasing. We’re getting closer to the state average. We’ve gone from 5th out of 6, to 1st out of 6 of our neighbors.

However, Three Fourths of a percent certainly won’t do. There’s plenty of work to do. Together, we can get this done and keep moving forward.

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