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Bargaining Proposal

BFT bargaining proposal (not the exact language proposed, just an overview of each point)

  • AC teachers subject to termination have the right to arbitration -- right now they get a board hearing

  • The IPPAS manual must be followed -- will hold principals accountable for following the rubrics

  • Use of comp time during early release time

  • Elimination of professional development during early release time

  • Teachers will find out why they are put on administrative leave at the time they are put on administrative leave. (Only in past year we’ve had teachers sent home and not told a reason.)

  • Teachers shall not be required to accompany another employee in their vehicle. (We had a principal require a teacher to let her drive to a drug test. The teacher felt kidnapped as the journey went into the evening and she wasn’t permitted to leave the principal. Teacher was drug-free.)

  • Non-student day scheduled at end of first quarter and third quarter

  • Strengthen language on 30 minute lunch. It begins when kids are released into cafeteria and administrators can’t line up students until 30 minutes later.

  • Secondary schools get 2 days of no-meeting zones like elementary schools

  • Teachers get 2.5 hours a week of flexibility during non-student, non-meeting time. (Need to leave early for a doctor, but you came in early? No problem)

  • Automatic comp time if / when Enrich goes down, if double data entry required. (the day at end of 1st and 3rd quarter also meant to help)

  • Up to 3 days of comp time may be used on student days and up to 3 days may be carried over to the next year. (Right now both of those are 2 days)

  • Teachers with caseloads of IEPs or EPs get one sub day per semester, if needed, for the paperwork.

  • Long distance calling available from classrooms

  • Teachers get a share of substitute pay for class coverage or classes split.

  • Teachers are not required to change grades, except in cases of miscalculation. (The law allows principals to change grades. If they want to pass a child who failed or change the grade some other way, the principal can do it. Teachers are required to report grades accurately and a principal can’t override that.)

  • No expectation that a teacher get authorization to reach out to district personnel or resource teachers. (Yes, some principals are so proud of keeping everything “in house” they’ll go ballistic on teachers who ask questions on the outside.)

  • A teacher may transfer up to 4 hours of sick leave to a colleague.

  • We haven’t made the salary proposal yet, or any financials, including benefits.

The district has not submitted any proposal. They withdrew their proposal to change early release to Friday.

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